4ATLEB-PIT & 7ATLEB-PIT - 2600 Kg Capacity

PIT BAY - Class IV & Class VII - 2600 Kg Capacity

Pit Bay


Class IV & Class VII



  • Equipment package c/w: Headlamp Beam Tester (LMHBA1), Jacking Beam, Play Detectors (LATL-SSPD), Turning Plates (LMTP) and ATL Roller Brake Tester
  • Single sided play detectors include four directional movement for testing steering joints and knuckles
  • Fully approved by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
  • 2600 Kg axle load


Options: Available at additional cost

  • Pre fabricated pits (made to order - 4ATLPIT / 7ATLPIT)
  • Pit safety cover
  • Single phase electrics
  • MOT accessory package (MOT1000/LM)



Our Pit package includes the main equipment to set up a MOT Testing Facility where a customer already has an existing Pit. Hydraulic play detectors are constructed for testing steering and suspension elements of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 2600 Kg axle load (1300 Kg wheel load). The mechanical unit is constructed for heavy industrial use. There is a single side mechanical unit for all movements. The track width of the inspected vehicles depends on the inspection pit or lift where the play detectors are installed. The welded steel structure contains the hydraulic cylinders, moving plate, covers and all necessary parts for vehicle examination. The moving plate is covered by ribbed steel sheet.


Model HD02.6
Max Axle Load (Kg) 2600 
Lateral Movement (mm) ±40


Turning Angle (degrees) ±8 
Max Horizontal Force (Nm) 8000 
Max Torque Of Rotation (Nm) 1300 
Max PRessure (bar) 240 
Electrical Supply 3 x 400v 50Hz 
Hydraulic Oil 32 grade 
Isolator Required 20 Amp