Arena XL 441 PC Controlled

BRAKE TESTER - PC Controlled - DVSA Approved for ATF, ATL & Tachograph Testing - 18000 Kg Capacity

Brake Tester



  • Galvanised Roller set with motors mounted under rollers
  • 18000 Kg capacity
  • Level raised rollers (dual direction testing)
  • Splash proof roller drive 2 X 11kW motors (IP54)
  • Measuring capability 4000kg
  • 8 cell weighing system
  • Roller locking
  • 100mm centre roller
  • 4WD Testing
  • PC Control system, Includes PC, 27” Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer
  • Additional 27” Flat Screen Monitor Kit
  • IR remote control
  • Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic and Manual test programs
  • DVSA data base
  • Applied brake test for parking brake
  • Analogue dial or bar graph display, selectable by operator
  • Installtion frame
  • Centre cover between rollers or side plates for pit
  • Remote access for software upgrades and diagnosis, dependant upon customer internet access
  • Additional Test Lane facilities may be added to the control software
  • As currently used in DVSA ATF Test Lanes
  • Tachograph test and calibration option

Alternative viewing screen: This Brake Tester can be supplied with one 32” LCD screen as an alternative to the two monitors supplied as standard. There is no extra charge for this alternative.



  • Touch Screen remote display / control 9.7” LED backlit display
  • Drive over cover plates (5 ton axle load)
  • 198700UF5A Auxiliary IR receiver with 25m extension cable
  • 1987009E20A Pit Safety System
  • Including A2X0001A installation set for transmitter & receiver
  • 1688006094A Swivel arm for safety device
  • Hydraulic load simulator with floor mounting kit
  • Steel installation cassette
  • Side mounted guard rails (pair painted yellow)
  • Additional 32” LCD Displa