DSXP-0 Diesel Smoke Meter

EMISSIONS TESTING - Approved for MOT Class 4, 7 HGV & PSV vehicles

Diesel Smoke Meter 



  • Meets all existing and New VI Smokemeter specifications
  • Rapid warm up, with automatic daily calibration check
  • Totally cable-less Smokehead and Display Unit operates up to 100m from Base Station
  • Operates down to -15°C in all weather conditions
  • Lightweight & Rugged - only 5kg
  • Portable Display for use in car or truck cab
  • Oil Temperature Probe communicates directly with Display Unit
  • Sturdy mobile Base Station
  • Automatic calibration - no more glass filters to break or lose
  • Rapid & automatic calculation of peak and average reading for quick and accurate test results
  • Ideal unit for Roadside Testing Agencies
  • Simple, Safe and Easy to operate



DS1013 - Vertical stack and head extension kit