FLEX Mobile Column Lifts

MOBILE COLUMN LIFTS - FLEX - 4 Columns - Extendable to 6 or 8 columns

Mobile Column Lifts



  • Adjustable wheel forks for tyre sizes from 12 inch up to 22 inch secured with a bolt and clamp
  • Can be operated centrally or indiviually at each lifting column
  • Further lifting units can be switched on or off at the master column
  • The system is networked with CAN-Bus and is extrendable up to 6 or 8 lifting columns
  • You can operate the mobile columns for liftingand lowering individually, in case to reach different levels of the pick-up points for example, by lifting a trailer
  • Two mobile columns, which are positioned on opposite sides from each other, can be raised and lowered at the same time, for example, to dismount a motor, axle, set of gears, etc. 
  • Each mobile column is equipment with photoelectric transmitter and receiever
  • Handling is easy and can be operated through push buttons from every column
  • A display for visualisation of lifting height as well as an emergency stop buttong is located on every column
  • The patented electronic synchronisation system SST (Safety Star Technology) gaurantees exact, synchronised movement of the system in the same height at any time. 
  • An electronic position measuring system and proportional valve guarantees a millimeter exact synchronisation
  • The system locks at any working position mechanically 
  • The mobile columns are powder coated to protect them against corrosion 
  • Mobile columns are flexible and can be used at different locations
Model FLEX 5.5 FLEX 7.5 
Capacity (Kg)  5500 7500 
Lifting/Lowering Time (sec) ca.  70/60 70/60 
 Lowering height (mm) 1580 1580 
Lifting column height (mm)  2218 2218 
Motor (kW) - Per Column 1.5  1.5