HPJ2.0DE & HPJ2.8DE - 2000 & 2800 Kg

MANUALLY OPERATED JACKING BEAM - HPJ2.0DE 2000 Kg Capacity - HPJ2.8DE: 2800 Kg Capacity




  • Due to recent advances by vehicle manufacturers, the design of cars has become lower and wider, with longer suspension travel.
  • All of these changes have impacted on lifting equipment specifications, especially those of jacking beams.


Standard Features:

  • Top Beam Extra-wide extending top beam to 1755mm.
  • Ram and Scissors - a full 205mm (8”) lift with proven hydraulics, robust and very reliable.
  • Safety Features - Hose burst valve, pressure release valve prevents overloading, finger guard complies with European machinery directive and CE marking.
  • Quietest Ever Pump - The new quieter design of pump, built into every jack – significantly enhances performance and reduces noise as well as further improving operational reliability.
  • Two-Position Mechanical Lock - Engages automatically creating safe working platform when carrying out extensive wheel overhauls.
  • Raiser Blocks - Supplied as standard with each beam. Rubber-topped screw pad 1532A and aluminium block 1526 that will fit anywhere over the length of the beam. Additional blocks can be supplied as optional extras.
  • Support Arms - Easy roll operation from quality roller bearings – minimum effort, easy movement.
  • Roller Hook or Roller Flat Support Arms Supplied As Standard

VOSA Approved Equipment


 Model HPJ2.0DE    HPJ2.8DE
MOT Approval for Class IV Class VII
Operation Manual Manual
A Width when extended (mm) 1700 1700
B. Width when retracted (mm) 800 815
C. Minimum width over support arms (mm) 775 790
D. Maximum width over support arms (mm) 1125 1130
E. Closed Height (mm) 202 242
F. Total lift (mm) 260 260
*G. Height above platform/floor (mm)
* Can be set lower with special arms if required
75 92
Weight-with top beam (kg) 8.7 113