LCTC526N & LCTC30156.13E - Tyre Changers

TYRE CHANGERS - Electro-hydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agriculturtal and earth moving vehicles

Tyre Changer



  • Electrohydraulic tyre change for trucks, agricultural and earth moving vehicles with rims between 11” and 56”
  • Controls on mobile unit
  • Control with lever type hydraulic distributors
  • Dimensions and work strokes are such as to ensure maximum efficiency for the entire range
  • Tool rotation with quick unlocking device


Model LCTC526N LCTC30156.13E 
Rims 11"-27" 11"-43" 
Max Wheel Diameter  64" 90.5" 
Max Wheel Width  36.4" 51" 
Chuck Rotation Speed  8 rpm 4 rpm 
Max Wheel Weight (Kg)  454 454 
Electrical Requirement 3ph 3ph
Hydraulic Drive Unit Motor (kW) .75 1.5