Liftmaster Commercial

Liftmaster Commercial Equipment, is the workshop equipment company for commercial vehicles within the Liftmaster Group. Our aim is to bring to you the best quality equipment for testing and inspecting commercial vehicles.

As we are an independent company we have a vast range of equipmentat our disposal.We go to great lengths to choose equipment that is not only robust and reliable but is also meets the technological requirements for testing todays vehicles.

Having chosen the equipment we believe to be the best for UK market requirements, we establish a close working relationship with those manufacturers. It is very important to us that manufacturers are flexible and can adapt to meet the needs of the UK market. This is particularly important when it comes to meeting the requirements of HGV testing. VOSA testing in the UK has unique requirements and it is because of our relationship with our chosen manufacturers that we have a full range of VOSA approved testing equipment.

Liftmaster has a wealth of experience in setting up commercial vehicle test lanes, either modifying existing test lanes or completely new installations. ATF’s are our specialty, along with commercial vehicle workshops and also new car dealerships. Liftmaster offers the complete design and installation service.