LMB3200C - 3200 Kg

2 POST LIFT LMB3200C - Chain Drive - 3200Kg
Manufacturer: Liftmaster



Chain Drive or Solid Shaft Drive


  • Main nut and safety nut made of bronze (no plastic) with high resistance to wear, for greater safety
  • CE approved lift with low voltage controls
  • Lifting height over 2 metres
  • Optimum lifting spectrum
  • Steel high resistance rolled screws, to provide long life
  • Three stage short arms, recommended for off-road vehicles
  • Specially manufactured motors fitted with overheating protection switch
  • LMB3200C has a Chain Drive
  • Automatic and permanent nut lubrication system to guarantee efficient lubrication during lifting and descent
  • The carriage is driven by 10 low friction slides on the post external, this ensures equilibrated and steady lifting, it also prevents the transmission of flex to the spindles and the nuts, extending life
  • Automatic arm locking during lifting and automatic unlocking when the arm reaches the floor using self-locking conical design
  • Supplied in blue unless otherwise stated
Model LMB3200C
Lifting Capacity (Kg) 3200
Lifting/Lowering time approx (sec) 45
Lifting Height (mm) 2050
Reach FRONT (mm) 500-900
Reach REAR (mm) 810-1200
Total Width (mm) 3166
Total Height Column (mm) 2694
Drive Through Width (mm) 2458
Distance Between columns (mm) 2488
Min Pad Height (mm) 100
Max Pad Height (mm) 140
Motor (KW) 2.2-3ph
Power Supply (Hz) 400/50