LMH6000DG - 6000 Kg

2 POST LIFT. No Ground connection - Double Jointed Arms - 6000 Kg
Manufacturer: Liftmaster




  • Lift for transporter with maximum power reserve
  • Self-purging system for the hydraulic circuit
  • SST- Safety in every lifting highs!
  • No Ground connection
  • Optimal pick up spectrum
  • Automatic arms adjustable
  • Fast lifting and lowering time
  • Fast and easy installation
  • 2-time telescopic, symmetric lifting arms
  • With low pick-up points
  • Symmetric lifting arm connection
  • Powerful and quite lifting with push button
  • Each lifting arm is extractable up to 1916mm
  • Low maintenance and nearly wear-free hydraulic cylinders
  • Control unit/s with oil-submerged motor is supplied by SST cylinders
  • Easy lifting of passenger cars through 90° of lifting arm positioning
  • Pick-up points from car‘s manufacture will be reached safely
  • Electromagnetic ratchets stabilise lifting arms in all additional positions
  • 6, 6.5 and 8 Tonne Lifting Capacity

SST - Safety Star Technology

  • Patented safety system
  • Interaction with a micro-controller and proportional valves
  • SST guarantees perfect synchronization
  • Electronic measuring system at ball bearing circulation controls the synchronization of lifting unit exactly to tenth of a millimetre

Carrying arms:

  • DG Double Jointed Arms are roller incorporating roller bearings and telescopic
  • Guaranteed exact positioning to individual pick up points
  • Even for small passenger vehicles
  • With enormous lifting capacities


Model LMH6000DG
Lifting Capacity (Kg) 6000
Lifting/Lowering time approx (sec) 65/65
Lifting Height (mm) 2015
Lowest pick up point (mm) 140-215
Total Height (mm) 4640-5090
Total Width (mm) 4210
Drive Through Width (mm) 2510
Distance Between columns (mm) 2810
Arm extensions (mm) 0-1890
Motor (KW) 1.5
Power Supply (Hz) 400/50