LMWA78CCD - Wheel Alignment System





  • Quick charge supports on the side of the control unit permits housing and recharging the measuring head batteries
  • The aligner is equipped with a powerful PC that allows the management of the OEM database containing more than 90,000 vehicles, A4  colour printer  & Keyboard with remote control function that provides total “on vehicle” operation
  • Quick & easy database search facility
  • Synoptic LED signal repeaters on each measuring head
  • Quick measurement of axle set back, wheelbase and track width, may highlight any errors in the vehicle body and chassis symmetry
  • It is possible to measure wheel run out by moving the vehicle by only 30° (quick compensation in a little space) without lifting the vehicle
  • Summary and compensation of diagnosis/repair values on a single screen
  • A special spoiler program is automatically activated through a simplified practical procedure, to perform the measurements on sport and tuned car bodies
  • Active wheel aligner is easy to use and offers the user precision, speed and 3D graphics
  • All programmes are easily accessed on the screen giving step by step measuring


4 Wheel Alignment System Comes Complete With

  • Control Unit
  • PC
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Printer
  • Battery Charger
  • 2 Front Measuring Heads
  • 2 Rear Measuring Heads
  • 1 Pedal Depressor
  • Steering Wheel Lock